The Feng Shui Home


Every New Year provides the perfect opportunity to reorganize your strategies, make clear resolutions and of course, start a fresh. This may also mean reorganizing your home to reflect your true self and enhance a calm, peaceful environment altogether. It’s all about welcoming the positive energy into your home and to help you achieve this, here are is a beginner’s guide to feng shui (pronounced fung shway) intended at helping you get through the year in harmony.


A Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui:


#1. Clear the Clutter – according to feng shui, taking some time to clear and burn off the negative (old) energy can go a long way in welcoming fresh and new chi into your home. Space clearing is in fact the paramount priority in feng shui as clutter is known to disrupt the flow of positive energy (chi). Try spending at least 10 minutes every day for a month to toss out something you don’t need.

#2. Open the Door to Positive Energy – in the hectic world we live in, most people often drive up into the garage and make their way into the house using the back door. While this is convenient by all means, using the front door actually welcomes opportunities and positivity from a feng shui perspective. Always make sure that the front door is not only used on a daily basis, but also clean and free from obstacles.

#3. Adopt-a-Plant – plants are a vital part of feng shui mainly because of their ability to absorb toxins and other pollutants – purifying the air in the process. To avoid clutter, go for bigger plants such as the areca palm which is renowned for its air-purifying capabilities, and low-maintenance. It is one of the best palm trees for indoors and will grow up to seven feet tall meaning it will be hard to kill this one.


#4. Locating Your Bed the Feng Shui Way – according to feng shui, all important furniture should be placed in a “commanding position” and in the bedroom, it is the bed. While it is important to have a clear view of the entryway, and the headboard against the wall, never allow your feet to be in line with the door. In short, try placing the bed diagonally across from the bedroom door and at the furthest point possible.

#5. If it’s Broke, Fix It – every home fixture with a flaw serves as an impediment to vitality and positive chi. From clogged drains to stuck drawers and even torn clothes, all these will radiate negativity or from a feng shui perspective, a sense of “brokenness.’ To avoid this, try putting a mark on everything that needs fixing regardless of how small it may be. As you slowly repair them, remove these marks as a sign of welcoming in positive energy.

#6. Draw Outside the Lines – as much as you love your art, it is advisable not to hang them in a straight line. According to feng shui, this is referred to as a “poison arrow” as the sharp edges that tend to shoot out aggressively in the process create an uneasy feeling. Instead, opt for a dedicated gallery wall in order to soften the effect and in the process, deliver a positive flow of energy aesthetically.

#7. Place a Feng Shui Fountain – according to feng shui, water is symbolic of wealth. Therefore, placing a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your abode would be in your best interest so as to allow wealth and opportunities pour into your life. However, never place a water element in your bedroom as in this case, it would represent sorrow and grief.